About us

The history of ESCANDO’s trademark began in the late 90’s, when the device was mobilized for packing sugar in the “stick” type plastic bags.

As time passed on, however, the production and equipment began to expand, and we entered into agreements with various European and Asian manufacturers. Today ESCANDO is known as a trademark of both producer and importer of a wide variety of products for HoReCa enterprises (catering), and companies in other sectors. Our production can be divided into two categories:

  1. Firstly, we offer a wide selection of packaging solutions and of included portioned products such as sugar, salt or pepper packets; candy and chewing gum (packaged pieces), napkins, mini flags, pens, balloons, packet chopsticks, matches, name badges (named tags to attach on the chest), plastic cards, adhesive tape / tape (packaging tape), paper and polyethylene bags, and much more.
  2. Secondly, our second course of action is associated with all polygraphy. We have a number of different types of production equipment, thanks to which we can offer a friendly price for various products such as: business cards, stickers, posters, banners, menus, folders, boxes, roll-ups and a lot of other things that relate to polygraphy in one way or another.

Our manufacturing facilities are located in the central warehouse in the capital of Estonia – Tallinn. However, we are exporting the goods to all of the Baltic and Scandinavian countries. Years of experience, quality, flexible payment options and finding loyal partners in North-European countries is the main basis for the continuing development of our company. Due to our geographically good logistical location, we are able to ensure a quick and economical delivery of the whole production in all the above-mentioned countries and regions.

We are always pleased to receive Your orders and we hope to achieve beneficial partnerships with the belief that there is always a possibility to find a compromise-based solution to all situations.

Most important is to have a mutual desire to generate and discuss possible solutions, and with such a standpoint we find that everything is possible!