Candy, gum, caramels

Candy, gum, caramels

Candy, caramel, chewing gum with the logo, chocolate candy, hard candy, caramel with a logo, the logo candy, caramel candy, chocolate-layered coffee bean, nut in a chocolate, printed candy.

Candy with customer’s logo

Minimum quantity of an order is 1250 pieces (1 box = 1250 pcs). Price changes according to the amount of sweets and candy, and the amount of ink. Therefore, when making a price inquiry it is necessary to specify the desired amount of colors (if it is white, then there is no need to specify) in a print and the amount of candy.

The options of different types of candy:

  • caramel (orange, barbaris, cherry, apple)
  • coffee bean covered with chocalate
  • hazelnut covered with milk chocolate

All candies with customer’s logo have the same pricelist. One order can include all different types of sweets.

Compared to many other vendors selling candy, we find that candy with customer’s logo needs to be sold per piece. In this case our subscribers can be aware of the amount of candy they buy for the amount of money they pay.

Unfortunately, many companies take the advantage of a well-established stereotypes of selling  candies per kg. Thus, subscribers may be confused as the price of candy is then braught out as per kg not as per amount of the candy. Let’s say that you made a query to another company and asked to bring out the price per kilogram. Suppose, that our price of candy is 10 EUR / kg, but another company offers a better price of  7 EUR / kg (in this example the numbers are abstract). Seemingly, our price is much more expensive, and you decide to give in an order to this other company, let’s say you order 30kg. But unfortunately, it appears that after choosing an offer of this other company, You have paid more, than You would have paid with us. The reason for that may be, that the amount of candies per kilogram offered by the competing company is 1kg = 150 candy, but we offer 1kg = 280 candy. Accordingly, despite of our 40% higher price per kilogram, our price per candy is 0.036 EUR, but the other company’s price per candy is 0.045 EUR.  Which means that in reality their price is 20% higher.

For this reason we recommend that you always ask for a piece price not a price per kg, when submitting price inquiries, or at least we recommend that you find out how many candies are in one kilogram.

Chewing gum with customer’s logo

Basically, these chewing gums are ordered by the catering companies. Some companies offer chewing gum with the bill, which may seem as a “compliment” to the client. Minimum quantity of order: 5,000 pieces.

Candy sachets with a regular print 

This package is designed to offer candy with coffee. The sachet is brown and is has a printed cofee mug image on it. Minimum quantity: 1 box . Each box contains 2000 pcs.

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