We offer a wide variety of napkins of different sizes and of different quality.

The most affordable wipes – single-layered, size 20x20cm (size is outlined in the unfolded state). These are used for as regular napkins/tissues or as napkins for placing under a cup of coffee.

The most expensive of our napkins are of the size 40x40cm, and are made of airlaid materials. This material is in its features is very similar to fabric, even though it is made of paper.

Customer logo on the napkin. 

Below is a list of our tissue sizes, that we offer (sizes are given in the unfolded state), as well as a minimum quantity to order:


  • 1 layer, limited color gamma: 60 000 pcs.
  • 2-layered, only white color. 40 000 pcs.


  • 1 layer, wide choice of colors. 60 000 pcs.
  • 2-layered, only white color. 40 000 pcs.


  • 1 layer, white color only. 40 000 pcs.
  • 2-layered , wide choice of colors. 30 000 pcs.


  • 2-layered, wide choice of colors. 30 000 pcs.

Airlaid material (material is similar to fabric):


  • White only. 15, 000 pcs.


  • White only. 15, 000 pcs..

Napkins without print

All the above-mentioned napkins are also offered without a print. Some varieties are always available at our local warehouse.Such napkins can be ordered with minimum amount of: 1 box. If you want napkins, that are not yet available at our warehouse, then it is always possible to order more. In this case, the minimum quantity or order can be discussed in a separate agreement.