Paper cups for coffee

Paper cups for coffee

Paper cups for coffee, take-away cups for coffee, paper cups for hot drinks, paper cups for cold drinks, paper cups with the logo.

We offer a wide selection of different papercups: cups without any print, cups with a standard print and cups with the customer’s print.

  • single layer
  • two-layered with a smooth external coating
  • two-layered with a corrugated / crinkled external coating

You can choose cups without a print sized 250ml or 350ml.

  • White single-layered papercups. Minimum quantity: 1000 pcs
  • Brown two-layered paper cups with a smooth external coating: Minimum quantity: 500 pcs.

You can choose cups with a standard print  sized 250ml or 350ml.
Minimum Quantity: 1000 pcs.

Cups with customer’s logo  can be ordered in next sizes: 120, 200, 250, 300, 350, 450 and 550ml. Minimum quantity: 30, 000 pieces for each size.
For customers who want to order their printed paper cups, but want to order smaller quantities, we offer two possibilities:

  • Order white cups with logo sticker  Minimum quantity: 100 pcs.
  • White cups with “collar”, which is printed in customer’s desired print. Minimum Quantity: 1000 pcs.

In addition, we offer plastic covers for papercups. You can choose between white and black covers.