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Portioned sugar, or in other words, a sachet of sugar is used mainly in catering industry, hotels and in passenger transport. In addition, this type of sugar is also used in offices. We offer our clients both, sachets of sugar with or without customer’s logo. In addition to the fact that we offer probably sugar with the lowest price, we also offer the advantage of ordering minimum quantity of sugar: 10 boxes. Minimum quantity for ordering sugar packets with customer’s logo is thus 10 boxes, without customer’s logo: 1 box.

We offer both, white and brown sugar. We offer Demerara brown cane sugar. White sugar is cheaper than brown. Therefore, it is more popular. But recent years have shown, that the difference between orders of white and brown sugar is decreasing, as many companies have decided to order more expensive, but more healthier brown Demerara sugar, especially in Scandinavian countries.

Sugar with regular print:

Portioned sugar with regular print is ordered by all manufacturers. But only we offer designed pouches, which are painted in the colours of different national flags and contain a variety of facts about the countries. The minimum quantity of one order: 1 box. There are 2000 sachets in a box, one sachet  weighing 4g.

Sugar with customer’s logo: 

We find that the optimal weight of a sugar sachet suitable for use is 4g, which is proportional to one teaspoon of sugar. However, if you should be interested in a different weight, then we can provide You with sachets of different size and weight.
Minimum quantity: 10 boxes. Amount of sachets per box depends on the weight of one sachet. For example, if the weight of one sachet is 4g, then one box contains 2000 sachets.

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